Members of the Savoy Stompers are available to teach a range of authentic Swing Dances and hold regular weekly classes in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby.

Partner Dance Styles include:
The most widely filmed Swing Dance style - typically, this is a very open and dynamic dance-style
A Close Fast Swing Dance with complex 6bt foot pattern
A Close Intimate Swing Dance with a repeating 6bt pattern
20's Charleston
An open kicky dance that was also largely absorbed into LindyHop
Authentic Jazz Dances include:
The Jitterbug Stroll
Choreograqphed by Ryan Francois to "the Woodchoppers Ball"
The Shim Sham
Most commonly danced to "It Aint What You Do (its the way that you do it)"
The Big Apple
Fast moving set of moves, performed in a circle which are called by a *leader*
The Dean Collins Shim Sham
Complex Jazz Dance choreographed by Dean Collins